Power Lie Flat Lift Chair Recliner with Massage and Heat

MSRP $1299

Designed with total comfort in mind, this lie flat power lift chair by LifeSmart is ideal for those who are challenged with stability, back, or leg weakness to safely and easily sit down or stand up. Recovering from a medical procedure, or simply need an alternate space for sleeping or napping, the lie flat feature provides the ideal option. All in one remote control lets you slowly, easily, and safely stand to sit, sit to stand, recline, or lie flat. Plush rolled pillow back and headrest provide additional comfort. Multi-massage modes and heat function target the back to help alleviate aches and pains. Store reading material, TV remote, and the attached remote into the side storage pocket. Built in USB keeps mobile devices and tablets charged all the time.

Adjustable Massage Modes with Timer Function
Heat, Massage and Power Lift Chair
8 Point Massage Covers from Head to Thighs
Corded Remote Control with Digital Readout
Stitched Side Pocket for Storage