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Our free-standing heaters and fireplaces are both elegant and cost effective. They offer both warmth and ambiance for any room in your home.


We provide innovative ways to keep you cool with a combination of products to meet your needs. With contemporary designs and portability, our products are sure to accent any room within your home.


Smoking & slow cooking meats has never been easier than with our LifeSmart Grills. The Kamado, Pellet or Griddle are the perfect addition to any backyard. Our 6 in 1 products allow you to grill, smoke, roast, sear, dehydrate and bake.

Massage Chairs

Our massage provide unparalleled designs and efficiency at unbeatable prices. Includes state of the art technology and safety features. Designed and built with the human body in mind to achieve superior products with maximum results.

Lift Chairs

Our stylish power lift chair recliners are ideal to help safely and easily sit down or stand up. For added relaxation while sitting, turn on the heat and massage functions targeting back, legs and thighs.

Truewash - Total Clean Machine

Patented purification technology minimizes pesticides, germs and bacteria present on fruits, vegetables, baby toys, cell phones, and more by up to 99.9%. The TrueWash system that was tested and proven combines water, vapor, UV light and activated oxygen that is FDA, USDA and USDA organic approved. Germicidal UV light removes the internalization of bacteria within produce. This automated process helps extend produce shelf life.


Lifesmart 10-IN-1 Air Fryer Grill with Rotisserie is the perfect indoor kitchen appliance for any household. Allows you to sear a steak, air fry, dehydrate, defrost, toast, grill, bake, rotisserie, roast, broil, preheat and warm food.

Air Purification

Lifesmart Air Purifiers Kill 99.9% of Airborne Viruses. Everyone needs this in their home especially during allergy, cold and flu season.

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