The new and innovative PureWash by Lifesmart offers pure peace of mind, giving the consumer an appliance that provides full control over the germs their family is exposed to. No more worries about the pesticides, germs, and bacteria present in fruits and vegetables. The PureWashpatented technology system is an automated non-thermal organic process that takes clean living to the next level.  From fruits, vegetables, infant toys and bottle, plus so much more, this sanitation process is designed with well-engineered technologies tested, proven, and FDA, USDA, and USDA-organic approved.

LIFESMART will be introducing PureWash at this year’s International Housewares Show in Chicago Booth L13353.  LifeSmart’s brand ambassadors Bobby, and Jamie Deen of the Deen Family will be demonstrating this ‘total clean living’ appliance on Sunday, March 15 at 10am on the Cooking Stage in the South Building along with Mom, Paula promoting her latest air fryer.

The patented purification technology system which utilizes a process that combines water, germicidal UV light and activated oxygen, was tested and proven by the University of GA department of Food Science.  Super activated water and germicidal UV light has been proven to minimize harmful bacteria, germs, and pesticides by up to 99.9%.

The PureWash by Lifesmart is a Total Clean Machine!  For everything you come into contact with, get pure peace of mind at the touch of a button! Every day we are exposed to dangerous chemicals and pesticides.  We want what we eat to be healthy, but know where it came from was exposed to some sort bacteria. Taking this a step further, young moms now have a way to safely minimize germs on baby bottles, pacifiers, infant toys.  Germicidal UV light is also safe to be used on mobile devices, keys, and so much more.  With Lifesmart’s new PureWash, clean just feels good!


  • Front air intake infrared heaters
  • Rechargeable fans
  • Combination wood pellet grill/griddle
  • Gas Steak Searer will cook a 1” thick steak to medium rare in less than 3 minutes
  • AI-Office Chair Artificial Intelligence to keep you seated in the correct position with prompts to stand up and walk around if sitting for an extended period of time

For LIFESMART, 2019 was all about expanding the brand.  Since 2010, there was significant success and market share under the LIFESMART brand in Hot Tubs, Saunas and Infrared Heaters.  In 2017, Watkins purchased the rights to the LIFESMART Brand for Hot Tubs and Saunas.  With that transaction complete, the focus turned toward extending the LIFESMART Brand from infrared heaters to broadening the home comfort line of heater options, fans, coolers, and humidifiers.  Expanding the brand now includes shiatsu massage chairs, recliners, power-lift chairs, griddles, pellet grills and Kamado grills. For 2020, the newest product additions will be the PUREWASH, AI-OFFICE CHAIR, and STEAK SEARER.  Unlike previous years when the focus was primarily on FOB China direct programs, LIFESMART will be providing more domestic distribution to further grow its retailer base along with strong concentration on e-commerce drop ship sales.