LC3100- Deluxe Massage Chair


LC3100 - Deluxe Massage Chair

MSRP: $2499


  • Single Button Zero Gravity Design
  • Extendable Foot Rest Up to 6”
  • Digital LCD Remote Control
  • 15 minute Incremental Timer Function
  • 30 Total Airbags Provide a Whole Body Massage Experience from Shoulders to Feet
    • 4 Shoulder Airbags
    • 8 Arm Airbags
    • 18 Calf & Feet Airbags
  • 8 Back Massage Balls Provides combination Shiatsu and Kneading Style Massage – Massage Balls Rotate Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise to Ease Tight Muscles
  • Rollers on Each Foot Sole Provides:
    • Stationary Pressure Point Kneading Massage
  • Carbon Fiber Heating Element Around Waists Gradually and Gently Warms to Soothe Muscles
  • 3 Auto Pre-Programmed 15 Minute Massage Modes:
    • Refresh – massage mode to invigorate and awake.
    • Stretch –massage mode to ease and stretch out muscles
    • Relax – massage mode to soothe and calm the body
  • Manual Massage Modes: Select one or combination of any desired modes including:
    • Back Combination Shiatsu & Kneading
    • Neck Combination Shiatsu & Kneading
    • Shoulder Rhythmic Air Compression
    • Arm Rhythmic Air Compression
    • Leg Rhythmic Air Compression

Relax in comfort with the Lifesmart LC3100 Fitness and Massage Chair. With 30 total airbags, this chair is designed to deliver a whole body massage experience from head to toe. The Zero Gravity design allows the chair to fit in many living spaces fashionably without compromising space.

Featuring a Single button Zero Gravity design, the 8 back massagers provide multiple types of therapeutic massages such as shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and clapping. Inside the waist of the seat is a carbon fiber heating element to provide extra therapy. There are also 3 auto massage modes to allow for an easier user experience, which include options to stretch, refresh. and relax.

For a more personal experience, the 5 manual massage modes provide closer attention to certain areas that may require relief. The footrest of the chair also contains rollers to comfortably and massage the soles of your feet and provide foot reflexology therapy while relief is being provided to other regions simultaneously.

The rich brown leather will make an attractive addition to any room in you home. Enjoy the relaxation and wellness you deserve with the Lifesmart eSmart Series Fitness and Massage Chair

Owners Manual