LC3200-S - 2D Ultimate Massage Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

MSRP: $2499

Available in Ivory or Gray



Single button zero gravity

Built in wireless Bluetooth speakers

Digital LCD Remote Control

15-minute incremental timer function

30 Total airbags provide a whole-body massage experience from shoulders to feet

  • 4 Shoulder Airbags
  • 6 Arm Airbags
  • 8 Calf Airbags
  • 8 Ankle Airbags
  • 4 Foot Airbags
  • 8 Back massage balls provides
  • Shiatsu/ Kneading Style Massage

Nodes on each foot sole provides:

  • Stationary Pressure Point Kneading Massage

Heating element on the back gradually
and gently warms to soothe muscles


3 Auto pre-programmed 15 minute massage modes: 

  • Refresh – massage mode to invigorate and awake
  • Stretch – massage mode to ease and stretch out muscles
  • Relax – massage mode to soothe and calm the body

Manual massage modes:
Select one or combination of any desired modes including:

  • Back Combination Shiatsu & Kneading
  • Neck Combination Shiatsu & Kneading
  • Shoulder Rhythmic Air Compression
  • Arm Rhythmic Air Compression
  • Leg Rhythmic Air Compression

Enjoy a multi-functional therapeutic massage in the comfort and privacy of your home with the Lifesmart Ultimate Massage Chair. This massage chair features an iTrack system for a full body massage from the neck down to the lumbar. It combines total relaxation along with the right touch of pressure to deliver optimum whole-body massage, aiding in relieving back stress and improving your body's circulation. A total of 30 airbags offer a whole-body massage featuring four shoulder, six arm, five waist, and eight calf and four-foot airbags. Eight Back massage rollers combine shiatsu and kneading style massage to help relieve back stress and improve circulation. Massage balls rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to ease tight muscle tension. Nodes on each foot sole provide stationary pressure point kneading massage. Personalize your massage from your neck down to your legs using three auto pre-programmed 15-minute massage modes or select a more custom massage with the manual massage modes. Built-in Bluetooth speakers allow you to listen to your favorite music while you enjoy your massage experience.